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Monday, February 12, 2007

Visit to Waterford Village Elementary

Last Thursday I had the great honor of being invited back to Waterford Village Elementary for the second time (and the first time was last year!). This is one of those schools that looked to pretty in the morning sunshine I had to take a snap.

The morning included a number of firsts, perhaps the most important being that one of my presentations focused on my new project, Miki Falls. I spilled the beans about many of the secrets in the first book, so now a select group of Michigan students (and almost no one else!) knows what Miki Falls is really all about. Speaking of Miki, I took a shot of the illustration I made of her. I also did a quick drawing of Anra, a character so closely tied to some of the secrets of the book I really can't say anything else at the moment!

Well, that's all 'til next time...