Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blog Pic #1

Thought I'd try something a little different and do a quick cartoon self-portrait. This little picture is a simple snap shot of what I'm doing right now: listening to music (by way of a podcast on my iMac), eating dinner (a lovely curry-like dish Miki made for me called "Hayashi Rice"), and sitting--in my own strange way--cross legged on my beat-up old office chair. I want to try to make this blog more of a window into my life, and what better way than to throw in a little cartoon like this whenever I can?

Miki has taken Matthew out to a friend's birthday party and Mio has kindly decided to take a nap, leaving me with a spare hour or two on a Saturday evening. Really I should be using this time to get work done, but I couldn't resist adding a bit to the blog.

I certainly hope everyone out there reading this has had a better September/October, weatherwise, than we've had here in southeast Michigan. I can't remember such an unending succession of rainy and overcast days. We've even had a bit of snow on more than one occasion. Here's hoping for a nice clear night for Halloween. Matthew is going to be Mario (of Super Mario Bros. fame) and I am very proud to say we created the costume ourselves, the old fashioned way. (Actually I'm pretty sure we had no choice, since I doubt there is a mass-produced Mario costume out there for kids; believe me, I searched the internet for one!) If we get a good photo of Matthew in costume I'll try to put it here on the blog.

All right, enough. I've got to get back to work!


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